Service Highlights

We have been providing NVOCC services to those who seek our professional help in the matters of freight forwarding. If you look at our company profile, it will not be difficult for you to fathom the diversified services, which Uniq Freight provides to our prestigious clients. All the hassles involving freight forwarding are handled with conviction and confidence. Our services ensure that you get the delivery of the goods well packed and in impeccable condition. We have experience agents to handle the formalities and complexities of customs clearance. Strategic and safe warehouses have been rented to keep the goods in transit. Other than these currency conversion and several other associated services are dealt with by our agents.

Air Freight

Uniq Freight is well endowed with an extremely expert team of professionals operating the airfreight department. They have been provided with the latest tools required for smooth punctual operation involving airfreight. Agents of Uniq Freight maintain cordial relationships with airport authorities and government departments. Therefore, problems are sorted out even before they begin to surface. Click here for details

Sea Freight

It is highly profitable to use the services of Uniq Freight as your sea freight forwarder. Our company has established its reputation as an impeccable service provider and the list of ever increasing loyal customers is evidence enough of our growing popularity. In fact, when it comes to sea freight service you can count on our reliability wholeheartedly. Click here for details

Transport Services

We can be entrusted with confidence, the responsibility of transporting your goods from a given venue to the closest airport and the dock or vice versa. The methods of transportation that we use are usually formidable trucks and containers. These carriers provide your good with commendable protection from any form of damage while in transit. We have contracts with some of the most reputed and respected transport companies. They have provided us with support and first class service for a long time. Click here for details

Cargo Warehousing

For safekeeping, your goods we have rented several warehouses both nationally as well as internationally. These warehouses have enclosed secured premises with mounted cameras in running conditions at strategic places and well-armed contingent of guards. We also make sure that spic and span storage facilities and sophisticated equipment to handle the cargo. Even the oversize consignments are handled here at a prompt speed and deftness. Click here for details