Cargo Warehousing

For safekeeping, your goods we have rented several warehouses both nationally as well as internationally. These warehouses have enclosed secured premises with mounted cameras in running conditions at strategic places and well-armed contingent of guards. We also make sure that spic and span storage facilities and sophisticated equipment to handle the cargo. Even the oversize consignments are handled here at a prompt speed and deftness.

Uniq Freight utilizes these warehouses only after a thorough inspection has been conducted by its representatives. We periodically review the security and overall condition of the premises where your good will be kept during transit. We grant contracts only if the private warehousing company have assured us of full safety and our representative is satisfied with the arrangements.

We prefer warehouses, which have fully obliged with the government rules and regulations. We also scour into the insurance papers of the company to see if the insurance is in perfect order and that no discrepancy is there.