Sea Freight

It is highly profitable to use the services of Uniq Freight as your sea freight forwarder. Our company has established its reputation as an impeccable service provider and the list of ever increasing loyal customers is evidence enough of our growing popularity. In fact, when it comes to sea freight service you can count on our reliability wholeheartedly.

We guarantee that our army of dedicated professionals will make your cargo reach its destination in a most smooth sailing manner. You will not have to deal with cumbersome paperwork and spent exorbitant sums of money for an inefficient service.  The swiftness with which we deal with the formalities and the port authorities ensure that hurdles are mitigated efficiently and the contracts with our clients are followed to the letter. Our motto is to translate promises into action and not to sit on it.

We exhaustively deal with different kinds of cargo.  Uniq Freight has professionals working round the clock to give you the best deal at an immensely competitive price range. We provide tailor-made service going strictly by the unique needs and demands of our clients. Our company makes sure that your valuables are boarded on the most secured vessels before the set sail to their destination. Uniq Freight also gives the customers ability to track their cargo. The cargo is ensured adequately from damage and destruction.